Class Notes

40 | Labor Day greetings to all as I write this on a hot June Father's Day. I hope by the time you receive this, all of you will have had a fine summer and are ready to send a few words about your family and your doings--either to me or directly to the alumni magazine.We need the news to provide you with a column!

Bob Knowlton sent an interesting note about his college roommate Burges Smith, who was active in the Glee Club, president of the musical honor society (The Musical Club) in our senior year, and a naval aviator during WWII. Afterwards, he and his wife Clare started Aid to Artisans, going worldwide to underdeveloped people, helping them design, make, and market native items not made from animals. Some have now been brought to and sold in the US. A most interesting and different project!

A '41 Class Correspondent kindly forwarded some news about Fred Newcomb. He has retired from Kimberly Clark (best known for its indispensable Kleenex!). Fred has settled in Georgia after pretty well covering the US during his career. He had a stroke, but by swimming and walking he has remained quite mobile. He and his wife Phyllis have been married for over 63 years and they hope to make the next reunion. Good!

Paul Fox has been escaping New York winters in an RV club in the Everglades with beautiful weather and a swimming pool across the road, and where he can watch painted buntings, which he says are special (particularly the males).He planned to leave in April for more congenial summer weather at his home in Wolcott, NY. Bob Blazey reported from St. Petersburg, FL, that he spends his time golfing, swimming, doing some traveling, and following major league sports.

It has occurred to me that perhaps I, too, might give a bit of news. I keep busy at my very nice retirement community in Winchester, VA, where I have a lovely apartment overlooking beautiful woods. I make frequent trips into my old haunts in Northern Virginia. A curious anomaly: I live in the northernmost part of Virginia, but NOT in "Northern Virginia." That term applies only to the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC--as only old-timers from these parts would understand.

I'm still looking for a volunteer to write this column. It's not that hard, except getting the news--and that's interesting and rewarding when it comes in! It really wouldn't be all that hard for some retired journalist or newsletter writer, as I've said before.

Best wishes to all for a good summer past and for an active fall and winter! -- Ellen Ford, 300 Westminster Canterbury Dr., Apt. 416,Winchester, VA 22603.

41 | Reunion Report

42 | Morris and Phyllis Feil (Boynton Beach, FL) claim to have the best of both worlds, living in Florida in the winter and New Jersey in the summer. Their son Jonathan '76 lives in Seattle,WA, and son Stuart is a "consummate New Yorker."Morris plays golf as much as he can. Ken Hubbard (Ft.Myers, FL) is pleased to still be playing banjo at Snook Haven in Venice, FL, on Thursdays year-round, and they are now even providing a luncheon for the popular banjo band. He recommends a Terry River Tour for anyone in the area.

DonWalsemann (Scottsdale, AZ; and wife Mary took a trip to Albany for a conference. They met Helene and Bob Spickerman in Middleburg for a "much fun" day. Betty Lee and Jay Harris, MD '45 (Albuquerque, NM; finished their travels with a third round-the-world trip. Jay continues consulting to the State of New Mexico on public employers liability retirement. His hobbies include gardening, sailing, and skiing, but he's given up windsurfing.He also meets with Randy Briggs '43, MD '45, for lunch each month.

Ann and Jerry Asher (Boca Raton, FL; spend five weeks per year in Aruba. Jerry serves on several charity boards and enjoys taking courses on foreign policy and Middle East studies and playing tennis. George and Barbara Crohurst Howell (Oak Brook, IL; enjoyed family reunions and athletic workouts this year. George was past mayor of Oak Brook and is a trustee of the Christ Church. He is working with his partners in private equity and recently closed on a new fund. They are very pleased with our selected Cornell scholarship students. "They are very smart!"

Keeping up with Ed Markham is not easy. He and Yoshiko attended a garden writers meeting in Vancouver, BC. He gives this account: "The publisher's editor asked each of us to draw a line across a paper with a zero at the left and the age we think we might reach at the right. At the proper place, we put our current age. It graphically stirs up thoughts of where we have been and what we have done thus far, and what we hope to accomplish in the time left!" They also visited Ed's brother in St. George, UT, and made a trip to Cornell as guest speaker on "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow."

Preston and Ellen Quackenbush Conaway visit nursing home residents, and Ellen has crocheted 1,500 cap and bootie sets for newborns in hospitals in the last ten years. They traveled to California to visit their son. Ruth Naitove Sherman (Lynbrook, NY) is studying Spanish to enhance her tutoring of ESL in Hewlett High School and keeps in touch with her roommate Annette Fox Levitt (NYC). She also enjoyed a trip to northern Europe, cruising the Panama Canal, and a Theatre-at-Sea cruise that had Broadway stars aboard. James, MS '47, and Alice Popp Whitaker (Bowie, MD; have moved to Collington, a retirement community where several other Cornellians also live.

Beverly Ham Allen (Arcade, NY) sadly reports the death of Julia PapezWood (Omaha, NE). They were roommates who became reacquainted at our 50th Reunion and then kept in touch. Julia left nine children, 27 grandchildren, and nine great-grands. A native Ithacan, she always spoke fondly of Cornell. Arthur Pantos (West Newton, MA) left us recently also, leaving his wife Despina, three children, and four grandchildren. Abbott Allen Putnam misses his wife, who passed away. He enjoys his two daughters and grandson.

I regret to report the passing of Ken Stofer '43. Ken was co-founder of the Tillinghast Association and served as membership chairman. His tireless spirit and make-ithappen attitude were instrumental in building the association. His interest in golf was legendary. He sent me an autographed copy of the fascinating The Day Buffalo Jack Played the Black by Philip Young. A really fun read--about golf, of course. I heard from Liz Schlamm Eddy that Dorothy Dodds Kraker (New Smyrna Beach, FL) passed away recently after a long illness. Her husband Jim said, "She's at rest and I'm at peace." A terrific classmember.We'll all miss her.

An interesting New York Times article was passed to me by a U. of Pennsylvania friend. It's about a Cornell image committee consisting of 50 recent graduates that has been busy for four years improving Cornell's marketing and branding more aggressively as an Ivy League institution rather than a "farm school." The bookstore was persuaded to stock a new line of vintage hats and sweatshirts that emphasize Ivy League roots, and a redesigned website was instituted. Now they are working on reducing class size.More applications have resulted. Also, Cornell placed fifth in money raised in 2005 by alumni and foundations.

Love hearing from you, and I'm sure all those with e-mail addresses would also.My new e-mail is: -- Carolyn Evans Finneran, 8815 46th St. NW, Gig Harbor,WA 98335; tel., (253) 265-6618.

43 | Back in May, Hedy Neutze Alles (Haddonfield, NJ), one-time co-author of this column, sent me an Atlantic City casino postcard announcing that she had just mailed in her class dues.Must've hit for at least 43 samolians. Any other dues laggards need the name of that casino?

Also in May, we Harrises drove the 54 miles across Bucks County to attend an address by Charles Walton before the student body of the George School, where he boarded/prepped 67 years ago. In the intervening aeons he invented RFID, which begot the electronic hotel key, and is now rapidly replacing bar-coding. Next time you glide through the EZ-Pass lane, nod gratefully in the direction of Los Gatos, CA.What did Charlie tell the assembled preppies? Be sure, as he had not, to make a lot of money before their patents run out.

From Edy NewmanWeinberger (Long Boat Key, FL): "I loved your Vonnegut column--refreshing not to read about retirement homes, grandchildren, and hip replacements." Sorry, Edy. Recess is over. Reality time. Our lifelong good friends are checking out.We'll sadly miss Joe Arnaboldi, DVM '43, Bob Clement, Bob Hutton, Dan Nehrer, Bob Noyes, Jerry Nuffer, Fred Spencer, Ken Stofer, and MarianWeinberg Lurie.

Betty Jane Bockstedt Forgham (Palm City, FL) writes: "I'm a resident in a retirement community called Sand Hill Cove. [Okay, Edy?] I so wonder if there are other Cornellians living here. It would be a pleasure meeting them. Is there any way you could get this information?" I thought maybe a C.U. zip code search, but not available. How 'bout I arrive Palm City on Tuesday, BJ, and together--you, me,my walker--we ring doorbells? Pat Rider Huber (Cromwell, CT) reports: "I've lived at Covenant Village for a year now, having moved here from Cape May, NJ. Enjoy bridge, lectures, the Hartford Symphony, bus trips to historic places. And the food is the best! Do come see me when you're in the area."

In telegraphese from Colorado Springs, Jim Mayer fills in his News Form: "Spouse's name: one dead, one divorced.Met Shirley Hawkins 7/2/45; married her 7/27/45. WWII navy fighter pilot. Recalled for Korean War, then back to chemical sales, Calgon div. of Merck; ret. 1985; started own co.; still selling chemicals. Life is good. Two daughters, five granddaughters, all in advanced degrees except 7-year-old, who is going to be President." [Refreshing, huh, Edy?] "I was drafted into the Army at the end of my junior year," writes Dick Rochow (Hilton Head, SC), "and just as I was about to ship out with the combat engineers, I was accepted for ordinance OCS Aberdeen,MD. Saw action in France, Belgium, Germany with 970th Heavy Maintenance. Our original store, Forsythe Jeweler's, Rochester, NY, is carried on by daughter Susan and her husband Matt Wahl. Last year we sold our business here on Hilton Head to daughter Deborah. Barbara and I took the university tour to Sorrento and southern Italy last summer. Highlight: the Amalfi Coast.My twin brother and teammate on the Big Red Eleven, Frank '44, died eight years ago. I'd like to hear from Lou Helmick and any other football players still macho enough to dial (843) 671-2470. See you all at our 65th Reunion."

Leon Schwarzbaum reports: "I have been a freelance writer for the past 18 years. Currently I write textbook content and magazine articles. Daughter Lisa, critic for Entertainment Weekly; son Dan, producer and distributor of documentary videos; son Paul, pres.Viking Pump Co." This from Stanley Segal, "After six years of ocean travel, we've settled down on terra firma; summers in Santa Monica, winters in West Palm Beach, and we don't miss the Ithaca snow one teensy bit."

"The Turrels at 85 are doing pretty well,"writes John (Mount Vernon, IL), creating delightful neologisms as he goes: "Eloise (Clor)'s left hip gave way in early October. It's been glued together, but while she's still somewhat hampered, she's enough healed to give me on-site assistance in buying stuff for the table, as well as assuming her rightful role in edibilizing said purchases. Cornell Mag keeps us Hill-informed. Looking forward to next Reunion."

Fifty years ago, the late Ben Mintz held the first Cornell football-golf outing. "It was a smashing success then, and," says the broadside I have in hand, "this year's event [it was in August] promises to be better than ever. Attractions: picturesque lake cruise, wine-tasting tour of the Finger Lakes wineries, complimentary youth sports football/ cheerleading camp run by Big Red staff, golf and tennis tournaments, auction, and banquet. Last year, $126,540 was netted to help support Cornell football."Nice sum even if you say it fast. But it might only keep the NFL's Terrell Owens happy for perhaps 14-1/2 seconds.

Monday, April 3, brought this to my In Bin: "On Wednesday, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06. That won't happen again for roughly 1,000 years."When I forwarded the news to Charles Harris, he replied: "I remember the last time."

Hedy's exchequer: Trump Marina. Shhhhh. Neologism: newly coined word. Class dismissed. v S.Miller Harris, PO Box 164, Spinnerstown, PA, 18968; e-mail, millerharris@

44 | It's June and everything is blooming except class news. All items on hand will be included. In Chicago in August 2005 at the Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine, classmate I.William Lane, MNS '48, along with Henry Heimlich '41, MD '43, were honored, Heimlich for his "Heimlich Maneuver" (credited with saving more than 50,000 lives) and Lane for founding the I.W. Lane College of Integration Medicine in Winter Park, FL. These awards were the first ever made by the organization. Dr. Lane's book Sharks Don't Get Cancer describes his use of shark cartilage for cancer patients. His work with 29 patients in Cuba was featured on "60 Minutes" in 1992 and 1993. Dr. Lane's college features anti-aging medicine and is the only college offering a master's degree in that subject.

Another honoree is Theodore Markham, MS '71, who was feted as the only living member of five elected to the 2005 Steuben County Hall of Fame for service to rural people and agriculture. His contributions were made during a 34-year tenure with cooperative extension. Priscilla YoungWaltz had a very successful showing of 15 Maine watercolors at the Sea Cliff, NY, Library. (Her proclaimed "last show" was four years ago.) Pearne Billings was acclaimed by the Veterans Administration with four others as the perfect example of a good American in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII. He counts two purple hearts and two bronze stars. He said it was a wonderful experience, bringing back some good and bad memories.

Grandchildren are the news. Philip McGinnis of Newark, DE, and wife continue to add grands--14 now and three great-grands. Alan and Erna Fox Kaplan '45 of Chapel Hill, NC, welcomed their tenth grandchild, Samuel Fox Kaplan, son of Jonathan '86 and Jacqueline Wong. Carol Goldfarb Schreiber reports a granddaughter spending a three-week session at Cornell in July. Barbara Taylor Sherwood of Endwell, NY, writes, "Even though I have no grandchildren I am very proud of my two grandnieces." One has a master's degree from Binghamton U. and is working on a PhD; the other graduated from Broome Community College and enters Binghamton in the fall of '06.

Charles Van Reed writes from Spring House, PA, that he and Dorothy (Kleine) '45 enjoyed our reunion and planned on '06 with CRC. "We have attended every Cornell Reunion since 1950." Barbara Palmer Stewart, MS '48, of Bath, NY, describes her husband's struggles with bypass surgeries. Charles Williams is recovering from a quadruple broken leg in Scottsdale, AZ.Marian Stout Lynes-Bouck says, "Just dealing with arthritis--nothing serious." She has visited Jerry '43 and Barbara Hall Bowne. Otis Purdie, BCE '47, of Fayetteville, NC, had a pacemaker installed in May '05, but feels "fortunate to have this old body working though some of the parts are wearing out." Calvin Martin of Richmond, VA, reports the death of his wife Elizabeth Ann (Pierce) '45. They had four children.

Virginia MacArthur Clagett says son Henry, wife, and three sons had a week of baseball in Cooperstown, NY ("ugh"). She planned a trip to Maine and Vermont.

May 10 marked the 10th anniversary of the opening of Falcons Landing, Air Force Officers CCRC in Sterling,VA. The celebration of "Flying High" was week-long with games, exhibits, artists-at-work, etc., by day and a play and skits by night, culminating with an elegant dinner-dance. The Rundells have been in residence nine and a half years. It has been a very comfortable and interesting life--great people, great activities, great food!

That's all, folks! Send your news. -- Nancy Torlinski Rundell, 20540 Falcons Landing Cir. #4404, Sterling, VA 20165.

45 | Paul, MBA '49, and Agnes Lodwick Kilby, MS '48, live in Lakeland, FL, where Paul keeps busy doing free tax counseling for the local AARP chapter. Richard Zimmern (Delray Beach, FL), who would rather be back practicing pediatrics, is busy restoring his home (which fell victim to Hurricane Wilma last October), but manages to fit in some golf, gardening, and reading. RADM Roger Milnes (Vienna, VA), who well remembers his freshman chemistry and physics professors, would like to travel Europe again, but lack of mobility is keeping him to tending his large lawn and garden in addition to an occasional visit with his L.A. grandchildren. From Lexington, KY, Charles Holmes, BA '47, reminisces about the lectures of Prof. E. J. Simmons and his friendship with his fellow Kappa Alpha members. He attends some U. of Kentucky programs on foreign policy and international politics, which help with his leadership of senior citizens' discussion groups on Great Decisions.

William Doe (Harvard, MA) still helps his brother Whitney '43 at his three-acre Doe Orchards, and thinks retirement is "so far, so good." Bill would rather be rowing under Stork Sanford and would love to hear from some of his old crewmates.Many of them did send messages about the sad and unexpected demise of Herbert Dow"Ted" Doan in Midland, MI, last May.

On the anniversary of V-E Day,May 8, I sent an e-mail to some fellow old coots asking if they remembered; many indeed did. Tom Buffalow (Hillsborough, CA) was in Bhamo, Burma, setting up a base to coordinate a better way to fly the "hump" to deliver supplies to China. Tom remembers the corpses of Japanese soldiers along Lido Road, killed by General Stilwell's troops, who had just driven them out of Bhamo. Tom also well remembers Dean "Dusty" Rhodes's unannounced prelims. He recently attended the seventh annual Silicon Valley Cornell Presidential Event with President Hunter Rawlings at the Computer History Museum.William Duboc (Mequon, WI) still has a place in Naples, FL, which he says is also known as God's waiting room. Bill's first wife died in 1994, and his second (from Naples) in 1999; he remarried two years ago and says that retirement beats working. On V-E Day Bill was in Brunswick, ME, attending the Navy's pre-radar school at Bowdoin College. After the war he went to Sharon, PA, with Westinghouse, where he later became engineering manager at the transformer works there. Eventually he was general manager of their Muncie, IN, operation and says he might have gone a bit higher if he'd been more tactful with his superiors. That is the Bill I knew; tell it like it is! Anyway, he thinks life has been good. He has three sons and a daughter scattered from Denver to Toronto; two have condos in Naples, which is nice for him.

Albert Brown, PhD '51 (Lincoln, NE) fitted a trip to Tanzania in between his gardening and wildlife photography activities. Al remembers fondly his graduate studies in microbiology and viruses at the James A. Baker Animal Research group. He would like to contact some old friends by e-mail, but is still intimidated by computers. Like many of us, a grandson could show him all about them! Another gardener is Bernard Mayrsohn (Purchase, NY), who is also a big golfer, swimmer, and tennist. Barney just returned from a snorkeling/hiking trip to the Galapagos Islands with son Mark '77. He says the most notable thing he remembers from his days on the Hill was meeting and marrying his wife Ethel (Handelman) '46. Our hyperactive gal Gloria Marti (NYC) is still working away as president of the family company, F.Marti & Co., traipsing all over the globe skiing, and attending the opera and ballet as well as taking private performance dance lessons. She was decelerated a bit after being hit by a "killer taxi," but well remembers skiing down the golf course and Libe slope.We question if she slowed down for long!

Last, but certainly not least, comes a report for our distinguished classmate William Berley (NYC), who still loves the CAU activities, the latest to London for a week of theater, following which he will spend a few days in Paris and end up on a Rhine cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. Can't keep a good man down! Ruth Bussell McLay (Holmdel, NJ) slid down to Slidell, LA, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her wedding to John at their son's home, along with family from Georgia, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Washington. They left just before Katrina arrived and everyone was evacuated. Spoofie says that son George is still putting things back together.

Each time we send an e-mail to the class, we have some that bounce because all of us seem to keep changing e-addresses; please let me know if you do that! -- Prentice Cushing Jr., 713 Fleet Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23454; tel., (757) 716-2400; e-mail,

46 | Reunion Report

47 | Big news is of Barlow Ware--again! He was honored on May 8 as a Foremost Benefactor of Cornell U. in the Robison Hall of Fame Room in Schoellkopf Memorial Hall at a luncheon ceremony and celebration hosted by President Emeritus Frank Rhodes. It was a grand event with over 65 friends, colleagues, and admirers (many more attendees than previous such lunches had). Andy Noel, Director of Athletics, delivered the welcoming remarks, then Pres. Rhodes gave the presentation and conducted the rest of the program. The Hangovers sang, and many guests spoke and gave tributes. There were fellow Ithaca Rotarians, cohorts from the Athletics department, more cohorts from the Development department, and alumni from various classes, including our own.Margi Schiavone Berens was there, as was her daughter Mary Berens '74, Director of Alumni Affairs, and her husband Paul Feeny, who teaches in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department. Pete Schwarz and his wife Elaine (Drobner), and my husband Doug Anderson '50 and I were happy to be there and help celebrate the event. Pete contributed a lot of pictures of Barlow at different class and university activities, and the planners made a slide show that added fun to the festivities. It was a beautiful day, as the campus always was in the spring (when it wasn't raining), and there was much warm feeling in the room.We ended, of course, with the Alma Mater. It was a wonderful day, and Barlow was beaming.

There was a printed program with a full-page recounting of Barlow's accomplishments, involvements, and contributions--not only to Cornell but also to numerous civic, church, and charitable organizations.He has been generous with his gifts to many colleges and programs here, including the Library, Plantations, the Johnson Museum, student aid, and the Ag college. Barlow's support of Athletics has been extensive, including a contribution to the constructive of the press box at Schoellkopf and planning a generous endowment to benefit both women's and men's programs. For our class he has always been active--as secretary for the men's class in the early years, and now as vice president. He also helps me by sharing interesting campus information--and by being my friend.

I am assuming that for this honor a brick will be installed in his name on the wall outside the Libe.He will join there our dear friends Don and Margi Berens, who were honored many years ago.We are a lucky class to have these great and good friends. I thank them from all of us.

A lot of News Forms have arrived! Thank you! I will parcel them out through the year, so you may not see your news right away. If you haven't sent yours yet, please do so, for there are not enough for the whole year. A few arrived by mail and e-mail and that was fun for me. One was from Jean Kuttler Schreiber, who lives in Lexington, MA. After retiring as an aeronautical engineer at Raytheon, she has traveled widely, visiting India, Japan, Guatemala, Jamaica, France, Italy, Egypt, and China--around the world! Jean addressed her news simply to Arlie, which tickled me because that's who I am and who you all know me as. She wrote not planning to come to reunion. I hope she'll change her mind.

Helen Tetter Kennedy used the mail and tells us she lives in Vero Beach, FL, where she has been for 58 years. She spends summers in Waynesville, NC. Enjoying her life, she is busy all the time and loves to entertain, play bridge, and travel. Helen has been a widow for 20 years, but her sister Babette Tetter Rutherford '49 and her family live close by. Traveling has taken Helen around the world: South America, Australia and New Zealand, and most of Europe. She keeps up with Cornell activities, mostly through the Hotel Society, and sometimes gets together with Delta Gamma alums.

Irwin Gonshak ( e-mailed to report that as chairman of the Writers Guild of America, East, Short Radio Drama Committee and radio producer for Teachers and Writers Collaborative, he has produced the Big Apple Short Radio Drama Festival on WNYE-FM/91.5. The Festival can now be heard on WGAE's website,, then click on TV/Radio News. It sounds really interesting. I hope many of you in the City area are listening.

Margaret NewellMitchell ( sent me a copy of her 2005 Christmas letter. She and husband Bill don't travel much, for they are very happy and busy in Cleveland. They are 50-year members of a community acting group in which they recently had the leads in a production of a play called Doubt. She says it was "heavy stuff!"Margie gardens, loves the Cleveland Orchestra, and is looking forward to an ambitious expansion of their art museum, which will also have a new director. She says she loves being 80, and is well and enjoying life.Wonderful! I hope you all are having the same good feelings. -- ArlieWilliamson Anderson, 238 Dorchester Rd., Rochester, NY 14610; tel., (585) 288-3752; e-mail,

48 | Bernard Harper Friedman (Bob or B.H.), New York City: "Write during day--and night. Recently at my desk, writing (as I remember), and would rather be writing something else (instead of this!). Plan to write tomorrow. Have 20 books published.My next book, a memoir called An Excellent Trip, should be out in 2006. A short novel,My Case Rests, will follow. Problem is adjusting to the loss of my wife Abby (Noselson), who died Dec. 10, 2003, noticed in New York Times, East Hampton Star, and in this magazine. Our first grandchild, Oskar Lino Karl-Johan Harper Friedman, was born Dec. 13, 2004.World's problem is protecting the environment and reducing the population explosion. The solution is obvious but politically difficult. Cornell and other educational institutions must lead the way!"

John "Skeeter" Skawski, Ed D '57, Dryden, NY: "Professional golfer and poker player. After-hours, play bridge and read this magazine. Last remember watching CU football team beat Bucknell, Harvard, and Georgetown in Schoellkopf Stadium! Am planning for our 60th Reunion in 2008. ‘C U there!' "Mary Keesecker Sullivan, Portland, ME: "Taking care of myself. Am quite handicapped and need to move to assisted living.My husband Ed (‘Sully'), DVM '51, a retired veterinarian, recently died from surgical complications." John Kent, Yardley, PA: "Married Phyllis June 18, 2005 in Yardley.We were introduced by our children [Ed.: a ‘reverse' arranged marriage]. The merger of our families is not yet fully accomplished. Grandchildren increased from five to 15! Traveled from St. Petersburg to Moscow via river cruise with Cornell Alumni Holiday (also Lehigh, Duke, and Northwestern U.) in July '05. Very enjoyable trip and group."

Jackie Smith Flournoy,Westport, CT: "Still volunteer secretary for Cedar Point Yacht Club. Also take care of house and grounds. See movies, play bridge, do crafts. These new houses are really big! Went to France. Last remember raking leaves.Would rather be relaxing where there are no hurricanes. Plan to stay healthy so I can continue living in my home and take trips. Problem is keeping up with everything that has to be done. Solution: Forget it and relax with a good book.World's problem is saving environment and aiding victims of catastrophes. Solution is caring, use of safe fuels, and money. Have discovered that I can't clean gutters anymore. Love of family and friends is what keeps me alive and enjoying life." Robert Levy, Boca Raton, FL: "Collect stamps, paint (India Inks), build model ships, and play golf four times a week. Took Danube cruise (Nuremberg to Budapest). Took Tauck tour to Napa, Sonoma, Yosemite, Capistrano, Big Sur Drive, San Francisco, and San Diego. Plan a wine tour down the Loire in August. Grandson, 30, married in '05. Bad 110 mph hurricane (Wilma) in Oct. '05; no electrical power for seven days. The entire Cornell experience was 100 percent happy."

Bart Holm,West Grove, PA: "Two weeks in Italy, summer on Lake Champlain. Do volunteer work, tax assistance, and local skiing, and try to understand grandchildren of the new generation. Life is blessed with happiness, health, and contentment. Fondest Cornell memory is sledding on Libe Slope."William Gibson, Danville, CA: "Walk one mile per day, nap, read. California is getting even stranger."

Charlie Elbert, Clifton, NJ: "Inside and outside house maintenance, trust management, and estate litigation. Relaxing with good martini (or two). Reading WWII technical history, recent IEFE journals, and light fiction. Very pleasant trip to ‘San Fran,' Napa Valley,Muir Woods, and several wineries. Granddaughter started at St. Elizabeth College (NJ) with a presidential scholarship.Most pressing problem is getting the best martini. Solution is to keep trying.World's problem is terrorism. Solution: Clean out religious fanatics. Go after militants more aggressively. Educate Islamic people that terrorism does not pay and cannot win. Promote democratic principles. Have recently discovered, as the song says, ‘The best of times is now!' "

Stanley Glasser, PhD,Houston, TX: "Professor and counselor at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas A & M Health Science Center in the Texas Medical Center,Houston. Writing and editing for a book on reproduction and development.Would rather be traveling to New Zealand and Australia earning an income! Fondest Cornell memory is evolving from a first-generation American background to an informed, academic, assimilated person!" Jim Bostwick, Lakewood, CA:"Manufacturer's rep (AB Machinery Sales) for packaging machinery; line integrator and consultant to new and expanding packaging businesses in all fields of manufacturing. Spare time: read and collect coins. Keep up with breakdowns by visiting eye physicians, urologists, vascular surgeons, dentists, etc.Would rather be traveling to see offspring in Oregon,Washington, Georgia, New York, and Massachusetts. Fondest memory is solving the world's problems over a few beers at the Straight."

Arthur Bernstein,White Plains, NY:"Manufacture logo items (like DICE). Busy with golf, bridge, six grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, golf, and more golf. Everything I did or experienced at Cornell is the fondest of my memories." Richard Brown Jr., Rockville Centre, NY: "Retired lawyer. Swimming (summer), dining out, reading, travel, following doings of 11 grandchildren.Went to China, Rome, and Malta in '04 and '05." Joan Tonks Patterson,Modesto, CA: "Retired from mental health work. Friends of Library, Library Foundation board, League ofWomen Voters, Unitarian Church committees, grandmothering, YMCA exercise class, Book Club attendance, reading, applying for a ‘Citizen Editor' position on a local paper. Best memory: sophomore year, living with a great group of women at the Chi Psi fraternity house." -- Bob Persons, 102 Reid Ave., Port Washington, NY 11050; tel. and fax, (516) 767-1776.

49 | Jack Gilbert sadly reports the death earlier this year of Richard Lustberg."He had served our class well as a former class president and most recently as our Cornell Annual Fund representative.We miss you, Dick--good friend and co-worker."

Don Sutherland (Naples, FL; is the secretary/treasurer of the Cutlass Cove Beach Club and swims a mile a day. Recent travel found him in more water--diving in the Pacific in Indonesia and the Solomon Islands. Looking back, Don writes, "I remember how tough Chem E really was, and what it did for me." Bette McGrew Benedict (Lambertville, NJ) is retired and works with nonprofit organizations, mostly publicity and arranging for auction items. Her right knee had to be replaced, but she's doing very well with physical therapy, and is looking forward to the next reunion, as well as casting the next Phillips Mill play. She'd like to hear from Barbara Starkweather Brown.

Max Kraus ( and his wife are enjoying their "new life" in Middlebury,VT, after 50 years in Philadelphia. "Plenty of biking, skiing, and gardening. And making new friends, including Vermont Cornellians." George Supplee (Wilmington, NC; sent an enthusiastic note. He and wife Velma love the senior community they just moved into, and George loves wood carving as well. He admits to occasional loafing. Stephen Profilet (Winona, MN; sprofilet5130@charter. net) says he spends a little time goofing off also.However, his main avocation is choral singing. "I sing in St. Stan's choir, the funeral choir, the Winona Oratorio Choir, Fountain City (WI) Community Singers, Barbershoppers, and Golden Melodians."His fondest memory of Cornell is President Day's personal congratulation on graduation day, Feb. 2, 1949, at 12:00 noon.

Also retired, Anthony Tappin ( is an active member of the Cornell clubs of Chicago and Tucson, AZ, a member of the Cornell Council and Athletic Advisory Committee, and chairman emeritus of the Cornell fund drives in the Chicago area. "Trying to stay healthy and happy. Enjoying retirement. I play golf at the Tucson Country Club and Butterfield Country Club in Oak Brook, IL." Tony is in touch with many classmates and friends, and remembers his Cornell days well: four years of varsity soccer; Phi Gamma Delta fraternity; Sphinx Head; Red Key; and being business manager of the Cornell Widow. Speaking of friends, Herman Harrow (Monterey, CA) hopes that he and wife Noreen will be able to make the 60th Reunion in 2009. "I play tennis just about every day, and volunteer at our local hospital once a week.We regularly visit Hawaii, Europe, and local sites. I'm now 78 and enjoy encouraging our three children to do what they like best."

"So many fond memories!" writes Betty Ellen Wood Ries, MNS '50 (Highland, IN; "One great opportunity--playing in the symphony orchestra." Betty is enjoying life and knitting prayer shawls after-hours."Husband Al '51 and I are no longer AARP tax aides, but we still do some tax preparation for former patrons." When she wrote in May, they had just finished their tax season. "In March, we cruised to the Hawaiian Islands--saw whales and dolphins and had lots of rain. Finally connected with my Cornell ‘roomie' Patricia Ladd Herman and husband Robert in Long Beach, CA, before our cruise.We hadn't seen each other since 1958--a dream come true!" Rob Johns (Pomona, CA) remembers great parties at the old Kappa Alpha house. He'd love to hear from any Kappa Alphas who remember 1942–49. Rob keeps fit and that includes golf, billiards, bridge, poker, and travel. He sold his Catalina 36-ft. sailboat and has taken up radio-controlled model sailboats. Still spending time on the water, he took a 16-day cruise last spring from San Diego through the Panama Canal to Tampa, FL.

Mel Bennett (Ashland City, TN) remembers the fellowship with the brothers in the ATO house.He is retired and coping with a stroke sustained in July 1999, and would rather be traveling with wife Bobbi to visit their five children and their families. Tom Clements (Saratoga Springs, NY; dined recently with ATO brothers Hank Gieseler '46, MS '50, and Frank Bradley '50. Tom is semi-retired from the insurance brokerage business and plays golf when he's not working. He and wife Jean (Pirnie) '50 winter in Sarasota, FL. Joseph McAuliffe (Shoreview, MN) would like to hear from Don Briggs '51. Joseph is retired but enjoying as many activities as possible with various community organizations. He is a regular ticket holder at the Midwest Country Music Theater in Sandstone, MN (as featured on the new network RFD-TV) and continues to support 4-H Int'l. Joseph's memories of Cornell are very fond indeed: "Cornell United Religious Work and Dr. Glen Olds, who recently passed away; and many faculty of the Ag college who were supportive."

Here's a fond memory from Austin Story (Chillicothe, OH; "Meeting my wife on a blind date." Austin is retired and involved in church activities. He's been traveling recently and hopes to do more of the same in the future. ConstanceWilliams (Horseheads, NY) is retired and spends a good deal of her time reading. She'd like to be playing golf, too. Of Cornell she remembers all the people she met and the time spent at the sorority. Room for one more: WilliamWade (Sebastian, FL; is retired, but does some part-time irrigation design for the citrus industry. After-hours activities include kayaking, fishing, and walking. His fondest memory of Cornell is surveying camp. He'd like to hear from William C. Taylor.What he's been doing recently? "Getting older."What he'd rather be doing? "Getting younger." Stay well. Stay happy. Be proud to be a '49er! -- Dick Keegan, 100 Ashlar Village,Wallingford, CT 06492; e-mail,